Sneaky hfs_fsck post reboot

Just thought I'd mention this, unlike linux and windows if your mac crashes you aren't told that the filesystem integrity needs to be checked when you »

Before you go and install Safari 3.0 on your mac

You'll be interested to know Safari 3.0 beta replaces the webkit framework thus borking safari 2.0 + everything else that relies on webkit. If it's »

Mark all mail as read in

Being a habitual user of NetNewsWire I find it quite annoying that doesn't have a mark all as read button. However there is a »

Quicktip for mac: turning capslock into control

I am hoping to get my hands on a happy hackers keyboard for mac in the not too distant future. In preparation I have modified caps »

Encrypt your homedir on your mac without FileVault

I used FileVault for about a month and I found it really degraded the overall experience of using my mac. Basically using filevault caused a huge »