Vertically and horizontally responsive circle with text

Recently in building out a dashboard to show the number of github issues for a given search, I wanted to show a circle containing a count. »

Including parts of README.rst in your sphinx docs

This will probably be of use to about 3 people, and I'm one of them. If you feel your eyes glazing over, don't fret and look »

Ubuntu: Spotify Screensaver Toggle

New version: I've updated the script to use D-bus with spotify for Linux version 0.4.8 see Spotify Screensaver Toggle with D-bus for further information. »

Python: Transposing Lists With map and zip

I'm re-writing a piece of code to print into columns within a terminal and I wanted to join the nth items of each list together. Zip »

Loopy Control Structures

Tim's Loopy Control Structures is an in-depth post detailing the ins and outs of programming control structures. Makes good follow up reading as to my recent »