Fail of the week: Dominos Piri Piri Advert

Domino's recently put out an advert featuring a group of guys trying to eat Piri-Piri pizza only to be constantly interrupted by a bunch of musicians. »

FAIL of the Week: Caffè Nero

So this week I'm nominating Caffè Nero for a cup of coffee so utterly failsome I don't think someone with a kettle and frieze-dried coffee »

FAIL of the week: uTidyLib unicode error

This week I’ve been having fun using uTidyLib, a python wrapper for HTML tidy. All was working swimmingly until I hooked it up to »

FAIL of the week: Apple Mighty Mouse

The Apple Mighty mouse is an expensive piece of trash. To be fair I do appreciate Apple's kit, especially when the majority of their hardware is, »