How do I know if my ubuntu server needs a restart?

A file at /var/run/reboot-required is created that's used at login to tell you a restart is needed in the MOTD. You can check for »

Fixing pbuilder dependency 404 errors

If you're building packages with pbuilder sometimes you might hit something like the following errors which cause the build to fail because the dependencies can't be »

Linux: Spotify Screensaver D-Bus Script update

Following on from my previous post about a script to Pause and Play tracks on spotify based on the status of the screensaver as reported by »

Ubuntu: add-apt-repository: command not found

When you're using a minimal Ubuntu install if you find the 'add-apt-repository' command is missing (it's useful for adding PPAs and other repositories), then simply run: »

Linux: Spotify Track Notifier with added D-Bus love

I've recently updated the spotify notifier example I'd previously posted as an example along with my spotify screensaver script. First, I made an update to have »