Taming SlimerJS

We've been using CasperJS for E2E testing on Marketplace projects for quite some time. Run alongside unittests, E2E testing allows us to provide coverage for specific »

Tips for getting the most out of irc

Having been remoting for the best part of 5 years I've come to use irc alot as a primary means of communication for work. Along the »

Firefox sees Charles Proxy CA certificate as expired

Using current versions of Firefox with Charles Proxy you might run into a problem where Firefox see Charles' own CA certificate as expired when you try »

Proxying SSL connections using Firefox Android

Having dealt with enabling Proxying on FFOS devices I recently needed to proxy code for Firefox for Android too. I'd recommend reading that post for all »

Docker and dependencies

Last week I posed this question on Twitter: Docker experts. How do you deal with non-os deps e.g. pip/npm/bower and avoiding cache-busting the »