Removing leading whitespace in ES6 template strings

In some recent code at work we're using fairly large strings for error descriptions. JavaScript has always made it hard to deal with long strings, especially »

OSX: Inkscape not working with multiple monitors

I recently noticed that under OSX Inkscape behaves strangely with multiple monitors. I thought I'd broken the installation as when launching Inkscape it opened and then »

Python: testing beyond exceptions

Recently working on some code I was doing some basic tests that checked for an exception being raised. The tests looked like this: def test_user_ »

Back to the future: ES6 + React

I've just recently finished shaving about a billion yaks * to convert a React app over to use ES6 modules and classes so we can start living »

Running tests on Sauce Labs via Travis

For the Payments Team's front-end projects we've just landed support for running the front-end unit tests using Sauce Labs. About Sauce Labs In case you've never »