Inline Code Finder

Robert Nyman has released a new and improved version of his inline js finder which now also locates inline styling as well as JavaScript. Inline code »

Python: Transposing Lists With map and zip

I'm re-writing a piece of code to print into columns within a terminal and I wanted to join the nth items of each list together. Zip »

WebDev Toolbar Beta 3 for IE

Back in January Microsoft released a newer version of their web developer toolbar and I've only just noticed it. This beta seems to be a lot »

No more iframes?

This morning I was perusing the links for light reading sent by Russ from the WSG when I came across this article: Insert HTML page into »

Six useful shell commands for web developers

The aim of this article is to give a basic introduction into six shell commands that would be useful to any web developer that regularly works »