Bazaar: Moving files after the fact

I recently came across a useful flag that can be use with Bazaar's move command. --after can be used to update bazaar's internal reference to the »

MySQL Moves to Bazaar for Source Control

Great news that MySQL has migrated it's source code from BitKeeper over to Bazaar. Interestingly the featureset and openness are cited as the main reasons for »

Bazaar 1.0 released

Fantastic news that Bazaar has reached version 1.0. This is thanks to a lot of hard work by some very talented people and I'm pleased »

Presentation: De-centralised Version Control with Bazaar

This probably won't make too much sense without the notes but here's the slides for the presentation I gave with Andrew Phillippo at Yahoo! Europe's front-end »

Case Insensitive File-systems and Bazaar

There's an issue with Bazaar caused by case-insensitive file systems (technically case preserving). When you add a file/directory called "foo" when "Foo" is already versioned, »