Creating a Mavericks OSX VM on an OSX Host

In case you want to try out some things on OSX without doing it for real then being able to create a VM of OSX can »

Adding more disk space to a Linux Virtual Machine

There comes a time where you set-up a VM and don't set the hard-disk size to be big enough for what you are going to do. »

VMWare Importer for converting Parallels images

VMWare now has a nice utility called Vmware importer (beta 2) which takes Parallels image files (and Virtual PC image) and converts them to VMWare Fusion »

Parallels tip: Pause VMs to conserve resources

In more recent versions of Parallels they've added a "Pause" action in addition to "suspend". If you like to run a whole bunch of VMs at »

Emulating right-click in windows under Parallels Desktop

Update: Mark has pointed out in the comments below that two fingered clicking is supported at a hardware level. If you you like two-fingered clicking then »