Can't install user.js in Google Chrome

In recent Chrome versions (22 in my case on Ubuntu) it's not possible to install user.js (Greasemonkey) scripts by just dragging them onto a window. »

Android: Google Navigation App Review

When on holiday recently I made extensive use of the Google Navigation app with my HTC Desire to provide satnav for our journey across France. Before »

Google App Engine

Fancy running a Python app on Google's scalable architecture? Now you can. Google App Engine has launched offering developers the ability to run python applications (other »

Gmail adds select all conversations feature

I'm not sure exactly how new this is, but I've just noticed when you press the select all link in Gmail/Googlemail, a new option appears »

Whassup with Google Analytics?

Eagle-eyed Tim Mark let me know earlier today that Google Analytics seems to have stopped collecting data. After checking my accounts I can concur that all »