VMWare Importer for converting Parallels images

VMWare now has a nice utility called Vmware importer (beta 2) which takes Parallels image files (and Virtual PC image) and converts them to VMWare Fusion »

Parallels tip: Pause VMs to conserve resources

In more recent versions of Parallels they've added a "Pause" action in addition to "suspend". If you like to run a whole bunch of VMs at »

Parallels tip: Upgrading to Ubuntu Feisty from Edgy

Upgrading your parallels image to try out feisty really couldn't be easier. Simply clone the disk image you already have of Edgy and rename it so »

Ubuntu Edgy under Parallels Desktop for mac

As Ubuntu Edgy has not long been released I thought I would see how it runs on parallels desktop for mac. I downloaded the standard .iso »

Emulating right-click in windows under Parallels Desktop

Update: Mark has pointed out in the comments below that two fingered clicking is supported at a hardware level. If you you like two-fingered clicking then »