Adding more disk space to a Linux Virtual Machine

There comes a time where you set-up a VM and don't set the hard-disk size to be big enough for what you are going to do. »

Linux: Changing UIDs and GIDs for a user

Just had to do a quick switch over of UID and GIDs for a couple of users. I'm using Puppet to manage server configurations and it's »


I first saw this tip a while back on the Ubuntu Blog and it's a useful way of using SSH to set-up private web surfing. Not »

Dedicated server recovery mode

This is really just a note for my future reference, but these details should pretty much apply to most linux servers that have a recovery mode. »

Ubuntu Edgy under Parallels Desktop for mac

As Ubuntu Edgy has not long been released I thought I would see how it runs on parallels desktop for mac. I downloaded the standard .iso »