How do I know if my ubuntu server needs a restart?

A file at /var/run/reboot-required is created that's used at login to tell you a restart is needed in the MOTD. You can check for »

OSX: Toggle hidden files in Finder

Here's a little shell script I knocked up for toggling hidden files in finder. Running from the Finder toolbar To have this to hand from within »

BASH: Using brace expansion

There's a nice feature of BASH which is to use a comma delimited list of strings inside of curly braces to reduce the amount of typing: »

Bash: turn on case-insensitive tab completion

I always forget this one, but it's dead handy as it allows you to type "py" hit tab and it will auto complete for "Python" or »

Bash: Resolving Symlinks to Shellscripts

Here's a way to resolve symlinks that call a bash shellscript. The Problem I like to be able to use something like this in my bash »