OSX: Inkscape not working with multiple monitors

I recently noticed that under OSX Inkscape behaves strangely with multiple monitors. I thought I'd broken the installation as when launching Inkscape it opened and then »

OSX: Remove scrollbars that appear when using a mouse

I've just switched to using a mouse instead of a trackpad on the mac as I get pain in an old broken finger from using the »

OSX: Fixing Python + Virtualbox after upgrading to Mavericks

I've just done the upgrade to Mavericks on my work machine. All went pretty well but there were a couple of hitches. Both Python and Virtualbox »

From OSX to Ubuntu

I've recently switched to using Ubuntu full-time as my primary operating system having previously used Macs for the last 4+ years. Moving over to ubuntu has »

Mac OSX: Visor Development on Github

I've been using Visor (the drop-down Quake style terminal) for a little while and recently discovered the development of the project has moved to github from »