OSX Mysql app: Sequel Pro

Generally these days I'm tending to access mysql from the CLI but when writing a data importer script I needed to be able to see what »

Lineform: Vector Graphics App for Mac

I've been noodling around with a few vector based designs this weekend (makes a nice change from coding). When if comes to vector I've never ever »

Leopard Bug - Screensaver causes coreservicesd to crash

I've just found a fix to an annoying issue. I have a keystroke set to activate the screensaver and the lock the screen of my work »

No Interfaces Available Using Wireshark on Mac OSX

On my previous Macbook Pro I'd used Ethereal and I don't remember having many issues with it as I was able to run it as sudo »

Standalone mac battery charger

Got a spare mac battery? I've often wondered why up until now no-one's produced a standalone charger so that you can charge batteries without having to »