No more iframes?

This morning I was perusing the links for light reading sent by Russ from the WSG when I came across this article: Insert HTML page into »

Don't use Javascript to hide bad markup

In a recent post on 456 Berea Street, Jeff Croft made a very valid comment suggesting that using JavaScript to create invalid markup was no better »

Web Standards Survival Handbook Part One

When I started my current job, Rentokil's web development team were producing non-semantic, part table-based, with a mixture of CSS with in-line styling and font tags. »

Become a better Standardista

Learning to develop web-sites using web standards is a bit like learning the guitar, it's fairly easy to get started but to master it takes years »

New Rentokil Initial site launched and featured on Stylegala

Today the new Rentokil Initial web-site was launched. Well done to all of the people that played a part in putting this site together. (Quick plug »