Hand-coding suits me sir!

Having been creating a lot of webpages recently, I realised that I am so
much better off having made the switch to and-coding rather than using
WYSIWYG editors. I have used Dreamweaver since version 4 and whilst I
don't have anything against it writing pages in a text editor gives you
several advantages.

  1. You will learn so much more about webdesign and how pages go
    together. If you use a software application it is likely that you
    will know less about the code that the software is automatically
    generating for you.
  2. Pages can be alot neater when you write the code yourself
  3. It goes hand in hand with writing to current web standards as you
    are reponsible for the quality of your own mark-up
  4. There is definitely a greater sense of satisfaction from creating
    pages without the aid of a design tool.

I would recommend anyone who is currently starting to get into
webstandards to try using a text editor to put together pages, you never
know you might find you like it!

Personally I recommend checking out Crimson editor. It features all
common languages and features syntax highlighting.

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