OSX: Fixing Python + Virtualbox after upgrading to Mavericks

I've just done the upgrade to Mavericks on my work machine. All went pretty well but there were a couple of hitches. Both Python and Virtualbox »

Linux: Spotify Track Notifier with added D-Bus love

I've recently updated the spotify notifier example I'd previously posted as an example along with my spotify screensaver script. First, I made an update to have »

Fake SMTP server with Python

The other day a colleague was testing some code which relied on sending mail to a local mailserver and it was failing when the mailserver couldn't »

Spotify: Linking to a specific time in a track

For a while I've wanted to be able to share a link to a track on spotify so that it jumps the right place. An example »

Cross Platform Keyring Library for Python

Kang Zhang has been busy on a Google Summer of Code project to create a cross platform keychain library for Python. The Python keyring lib provides »