Cross Platform Keyring Library for Python

Kang Zhang has been busy on a Google Summer of Code project to create a cross platform keychain library for Python. The Python keyring lib provides »

Simple Switching of VirtualEnv Environments

If you're using Python for any kind of serious development virtualenv is highly recommended as a way to sandbox dependencies and allow you to run different »

Fixing setuptools "TypeError: swig_sources()" error

I was trying to update to a newer version of Jinja2 on osx to meet Zine dependencies and I got the following error: Traceback (most recent »

Install lxml on OSX

Thanks to this post on lxml from Ian Bicking I've found the following command is all that's required to install lxml on Mac OSX: STATIC_DEPS= »

Python 3.0 Released

So Python 3.0 is out - here's the list of what's new. There's a lot in there and it specifically say it's incomplete (here's the »