Bash: turn on case-insensitive tab completion

I always forget this one, but it's dead handy as it allows you to type "py" hit tab and it will auto complete for "Python" or »

Checking tarball contents before extraction

When you are about to unpack a tarball you didn't create it's a good idea to run the -t flag instead of just assuming it's been »

Bash: Resolving Symlinks to Shellscripts

Here's a way to resolve symlinks that call a bash shellscript. The Problem I like to be able to use something like this in my bash »

Linux: Changing UIDs and GIDs for a user

Just had to do a quick switch over of UID and GIDs for a couple of users. I'm using Puppet to manage server configurations and it's »

Mac OSX tip: ls command color output

If you have OSX tiger simply grab the fileutils from fink with fink install fileutils Then add the following to your .profile: export LS_OPTIONS='--color= »