Django: Switching between development branches

Cyril and I have been using new forms admin for some stuff we are working on for fun whilst we are here at SXSWi. One of »

From the command line to your clipboard and vice versa

Found a neat trick the other day via, in their instructions for copying public keys. pbcopy (pasteboard copy) on mac OSX is a command »

Extracting a single file from a tar backup

Like an idiot I accidentally overwrote a file for this blog when uploading some other stuff; accidents happen. Anyway, I have backups (you do have backups »

Using 'select' for multiple choices in shell scripts

I found this neat construct in the gnu bash reference. Select is a great way to be able to present a list of options to a »

Showing last two directories of pwd in BASH prompt

I'm working on a project where we are using Bazaar downstream of CVS and we have several common Bazaar branches for keeping up to date with »