Firefox sees Charles Proxy CA certificate as expired

Update: This is no longer relevant the issue has been fixed with a Charles update. Using current versions of Firefox with Charles Proxy you might run »

Proxying SSL connections using Firefox Android

Having dealt with enabling Proxying on FFOS devices I recently needed to proxy code for Firefox for Android too. I'd recommend reading that post for all »

Proxying connections from FFOS with Charles

After my post on Live debugging with Charles, Nick Desaulniers asked if I knew if it was possible to proxy device traffic via Charles. I didn't, »

Using Charles proxy to debug live code

We had an interesting bug today on our Marketplace development server where the new Firefox Accounts (FxA) integration we're working on didn't work correctly under FFOS »

Online and offline development with the YUI and Charles

Now that all yui library files are publicly hosted on it makes sense in any project you are working on to link the »