Running VMware images under VirtualBox

I use the excellent VirtualBox on Ubuntu but I had a specific Debian dev environment VM that I'd previously run under VMware Fusion on my work »

VMware Server: Convert Fixed Disk-images to Growable

Quick tip if you ever want to convert from a fixed disk image to an expandable one then the following command should do it: sudo vmware-vdiskmanager »

VMWare: Fixing Time Drift in AMD Dual-core Systems

I've been having some really nasty time drift on VMware servers guests of late. This is a big pain because so much relies on accurate date »

Ubuntu Hardy: Setting up VMWare-tools from the CLI

First you need the vmware tools tar from the cd image. This is found at /media/cdrom once you've run "install vmware tools" from the server »

Vmware: "SIOCSIFADDR: No such device eth0" after cloning

After cloning a vmware image to copy to my local machine I had an issue with eth0 not coming up on an Ubuntu VM. After a »