PHP: Multiple DNS Queries Using fopen

Whilst working on some inherited PHP code that used fopen I noticed an interesting comment in the PHP manual which pointed out that fopen always makes »

Large Temporary Files Left Behind by ImageMagick

Recently since moving the CSS Sprite Generator to a new server we've had a couple of cases where the site has stopped working due to running »

Python or PHP?

Recently I've been having interesting discussions with Ed and Cyril regarding some of the differences between PHP and Python and what makes each one special. So »

Automatic merging and versioning of CSS/JS files with PHP

One of my colleagues Ed, has come up with a really useful PHP script that makes it trivial to concatenate and version css or js files »

Dvorak's comment spam fix

As a regular listener to This Week In Tech I heard on the latest show John C Dvorak's anti-spam provider Marc Perkel at has »