Spotify: Linking to a specific time in a track

For a while I've wanted to be able to share a link to a track on spotify so that it jumps the right place. An example is when learning covers for the band I play in; or just to point out a great part of the track.

The good new is that this is already possible! I asked a question on Get Satisfaction and a Spotify employee Emil Hesslow answered straight away that this feature already exists. Here's some examples:

You can also use the spotify protocol:

e.g: spotify:track:39Bi2scq80BWdgnxz2llWT#04:04

The format for the link is just a simple fragment identifier added to the end of the link in the format #mins:secs e.g: #4:04

From using this (I'm running Spotify under wine) I've found you need to URLencode this in the http://open.spotify... links for it to work so #4:04 becomes %2304%3A04.

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