New Rentokil Initial site launched and featured on Stylegala

Today the new Rentokil Initial web-site was launched.

Well done to all of the people that played a part in putting this site together. (Quick plug for everyone's personal sites there!)

We have also been featured in Stylegala which is a great result.

After Tim and I got the chance to go to @media2005 we have been able to bring webstandards to the fore of what we do. Before this site was re-done, as a collective the web-team contributed to creating best practices for the development of this site, and I feel this approach has worked well in making sure everyone who worked on this site was on the same page.

Paul's design supports the content well and though it's not the most revolutionary design, that is merely because this is a corporate site and pink flamingos and butterflys just don't get a look in.

Tim worked really hard to get the mark-up as pure as possible before any of the styles were applied and the attention to detail shows.

We are still slave to content generated through CMS and third-party services but hopefully these are wrinkles that can be ironed our over time.

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