Scrolling issue in Leopard cured with PRAM reset

Having got a shiny new MacBook Pro to work on at my new workplace I've had a couple of strange problems with Leopard. The main issue »

mac tip: Lock screen and pause iTunes

In the past I've used a specific app that allowed configuration of a keystroke to lock my screen but in setting up a new machine I »

Mac OSX tip: ls command color output

If you have OSX tiger simply grab the fileutils from fink with fink install fileutils Then add the following to your .profile: export LS_OPTIONS='--color= »

Nokia Multimedia Transfer for Mac

This is totally awesome and far nicer than using bluetooth file transfer to put python files for pys60 onto your Nokia phone. Nokia Multimedia Transfer Works »

BASH: Open FileMerge from CLI

Here's a quick tip. If you want to open FileMerge (Apples graphical diff utility available in developer tools) from the CLI you can use the command »