Emulating right-click in windows under Parallels Desktop

Update: Mark has pointed out in the comments below that two fingered clicking is supported at a hardware level. If you you like two-fingered clicking then there's nothing to be gained by carrying out this tip.

Intel macs are without doubt the absolute best machines for devloping websites with. With the aid of Parallels desktop for mac it's possible to have all of the necessary browsers at your finger tips.

In a previous post I covered a re-mapping the apple (command) key to make the experience of using an apple keyboard much more bearable when using windows as a virtual machine. One of the things that eluded me at the time was providing a means of being able to use Ctrl+click as a right mouse click.

Now when I'm at work with my external mouse that's no problem but if you ever use your apple laptop at home or out and about and you want that key/mouse combo that you're used to, then this tip might help, at least until this functionality makes it's way into the parallels tools. So here's how:

  1. Download and install the wonderful AutoHotKey (free)
  2. Create a new text file called remap.ahk in the root of your C:/ drive or somewhere sensible.
  3. Add the line ^LButton::RButton and save the file
  4. Drag the file into your start-up menu so that it runs every time the windows VM starts

Next time you reboot your Windows VM you will be able to access right click context menus with Ctrl+click.

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