Bazaar 1.0 released

Fantastic news that Bazaar has reached version 1.0. This is thanks to a lot of hard work by some very talented people and I'm pleased to note that it looks like case sensitivity issues have been addressed.

Amongst the changes are improved documentation. Docs are something that are often overlooked but the recent improvements to the documentation over the last few months are really noticeable. Pack 0.92 repository format is now the default. This format is safer, more robust and faster. The good news is that existing branches can be easily upgraded to the new format by running a couple of commands. bzr reconcile and then bzr upgrade. See the full release notes for more info.

If you haven't looked at Bazaar yet, and are still suffering working with SVN or CVS, be sure to download it from and and take it for a spin. There's no substitute for trying it out firsthand.

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