d.Construct tomorrow

I'll be driving down to the d.Construct conference in Brighton early tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to seeing Stuart Langridge, Simon Willison and Cory Doctorow's presentations in particular. This whole conference is about Web 2.0 and having listened to LUG Radio - season three episode 2 I think I'm in agreement that what Web 2.0 means is a whole load of different things to different people. For me Web 2.0 is really is about bringing desktop application performance to the web and using technologies such as AJAX to leverage server muscle from the client side this really becomes quite feasible.

There'll be a chance to test out SubEthaEdit for collaborative note-taking; there is going to be free Wi-Fi at the event so that'll be a blast. Interestingly I think the organisers are planning to answer questions from iChat/AIM so it'll be fun to see how that works out.

If I get a chance I will post an update from the venue, but I'm there to watch and learn so I probably won't have my head buried in my Powerbook all day long if I can help it : )

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