@media2006 has been announced together with a rather tasty new website with all the details. I was at @media2005 last year and I found it to »

Deconstructing d.Construct

I got down to Brighton bright and early for d.Construct Clear:left's grassroots web 2.0 conference. After being ushered in by Richard Rutter through »

d.Construct tomorrow

I'll be driving down to the d.Construct conference in Brighton early tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to seeing Stuart Langridge, Simon Willison and Cory Doctorow's »

d.Construct 2005

Registrations for d.Construct "a grass-roots Web 2.0 conference" are being taken now Sold out. Such luminaries as Andy Budd, Simon Willison and Stuart Langridge »

Classes on the body tag

In Doug Bowman's second @media presentation he mentioned utilising classes on the body element to be able to affect the layout of the entire page. This »