FAIL of the week: Apple Mighty Mouse

The Apple Mighty mouse is an expensive piece of trash. To be fair I do appreciate Apple's kit, especially when the majority of their hardware is, on the whole, a good blend of form and function.

Now I'm pretty sure everyone remembers the ball mice of yesteryear that were great until the ball mechanism got filled with crap and the mouse started being as responsive as Sly Stallone in an ESP test.

Still someone realised this and optical mice were invented (according to Wikipedia) as far back as 1980. Failure has been averted ever since optical mice became widely available and the world has been much happier with mice sans ball.

However with the mighty mouse what Apple have succeeded in doing is bringing back the ball only on the top of the mouse. Absolute genius! So what happens now is ever so often the ball on the top of your mighty mouse gets full of cruft and the scroll ball stops working. Who'd have thunk it!?

Next you can already imagine that Apple are working on replacing the ball with a Frickin' laser on the top of the mouse so that anyone who hasn't already smashed their mighty mouse to a million tiny pieces can get the new improved version which won't suffer from the same EPIC failings of the original.

I'm on my second - I've never bought one of these myself they've been supplied by work, however I'm getting really tired of rubbing the scroll ball with mouse up-side down in the vain hope that I'll be able to scroll through an application again some day.

So with the above in mind. Please tell me, what's a good mouse that works with a Mac that doesn't suck Balls!

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