Disco Beta Review

There's not been that much in the world of software that I've as eagerly anticipated as the release of the beta for Disco. Made by the »

iTunes pegged my CPU at over 130%?

Today whilst I was working I noticed that my system (a MacBook Pro) had slowed to a crawl. To investigate I ran top from the terminal »

Watch the Apple Keynote address

You can watch the WorldWide Developers Conference Keynote address from apple's site (requires quicktime). Having gone through the highlight's on many of the apple blogs, the »

Re-map the apple key for Windows under Parallels

A big annoyance when using windows under Parallels for browser testing is that if you are using an apple keyboard you will find that the apple »

Apple MacBook is let loose

So the new MacBook Pro is out and it looks very good. The core spec is not that far off the MacBook Pro but is available »