Apple Bobbing

I have been watching with fascination the latest OSX86 developments. So far it seems like John C Dvorak's theory is starting to come true. First talented Hackers have bypassed the restrictions that stop the intel version of OSX running on anything but the developer MacIntels and there are plenty of working set-ups out there.

Next Apple's lawyers have made the owvners of pull the links to torrents of the videos showing OSX86 running on a Vaio.

If Dvorak's right we'll see plenty more legal posturing over the coming months/weeks before Apple "gives in" and releases OSX for mainstream hardware.

I know there's a lot of opinions on this but now that OSX86 is out there and happening on standard AMD64s and P4 hardware, I would be surprised if Apple doesn't release OSX for general consumption.

On a related note here's a quick plug for two excellent podcasts. The first is MacCast a great resource for news on all mac related happenings. The second is This Week in Tech hosted by Leo Laporte and a whole bunch of other people including the aforementioned John C Dvorak, discussing all the latest tech news, in a highly entertaining way.

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