Linux: Spotify Track Notifier with added D-Bus love

I've recently updated the spotify notifier example I'd previously posted as an example along with my spotify screensaver script. First, I made an update to have »

Updating Vim to Use Plugins From Branches

I decided the other evening that I should refresh my vim plugins to pick up any updates that have landed since the last time I updated »


Photo by geekgrunge Last weekend I attended FOSDEM in Brussels. Here's a few of my chosen highlights: James Turnbull - DevOps - More than Marketing This »

Android: Force Moving Apps to an SD Card

This isn't anything new but I thought I would share my experiences of trying to free space on my HTC desire by forcing apps to be »

A Geek's Christmas Present Wishlist

As Christmas will shortly be upon us here's a round-up of awesome things that are on my Christmas present wish-list. Moleskine notebooks Moleskines are the de »