Updating Speedtouch 585 DNS settings

I'm currently trying out Google's new DNS service by altering the DNS settings of my Speedtouch 585. This is more a note to myself in case I need to refer to it in the future but might be useful to anyone else who has the same hardware.

To log in and make changes over the CLI all you need to do is telnet to the ip address of the router and log in with the same details as you use on the web interface. If you don't know the ip address of your router the easiest way to find out is to look at what the gateway is in your network settings. In my case it's


Once you are in you will see a welcome screen.

First thing to do is get the old setting so we can make an note of it in case we need to restore it in the future. This is available from the router's web page or by entering the following:

:dns server route list

Which provides the following:

DNS Server       Source              Domain            Metric  Intf     State *                                         1     RoutedEthoA  UP

Here my ISP Be only supply one DNS server address so I'll make a note of the ip address Other ISPs are likely to provide two entries. Keep that somewhere safe so if you want to go back to then old settings you can.

Setting the new DNS entries is as follows:

First clear the DNS entries

:dns server route flush

Next add the new ones

:dns server route add dns= metric=1 intf=RoutedEthoA
:dns server route add dns= metric=1 intf=RoutedEthoA

You can now check the settings by running this command again:

:dns server route list

Lastly save the settings.


That's it - all that's left to do is refresh the DCHP lease depending on which OS you are using. At this point you will want to check you are using DHCP otherwise you're computer won't be handed out the DNS settings correctly.

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