Spotify ScreenSaver Toggle with D-bus

UPDATE! - see This post for the latest version of the spotify screensaver toggle The latest version of the spotify client for linux (0.4.8) »

Fake SMTP server with Python

The other day a colleague was testing some code which relied on sending mail to a local mailserver and it was failing when the mailserver couldn't »

Inverting Screen Colours for Late-Night Hacking

I've recently found it really hurts my eyes when working late at night going from a terminal (which is black background and light text) to a »

Ubuntu: Spotify Screensaver Toggle

New version: I've updated the script to use D-bus with spotify for Linux version 0.4.8 see Spotify Screensaver Toggle with D-bus for further information. »

Taking Screenshots of your Android Phone

Annoyingly it's far from trival to take screenshots of your android phone unless you've rooted your phone already in which case there are several apps on »