Brewing with a French Press

My Coffee Brewing alter ego has been hard at work on a post about brewing the perfect French Press. Warning contains extreme coffee nerdery, though don't »

Android: Google Navigation App Review

When on holiday recently I made extensive use of the Google Navigation app with my HTC Desire to provide satnav for our journey across France. Before »

Recovering Deleted Photos from an SD card with PhotoRec

Whilst on holiday recently I was using Shotwell (the rather excellent photo manager for Ubuntu) to import some photos. After importing the photos Shotwell asks if »

Development Workflow

Photo CC licensed by oedipusphinx I've been working for canonical for about four and a half months now. One of the things that I've been really »

Debugging Elusive Puppet Errors

On working on some puppet manifests I hit this error message: $ sudo puppetd -t err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: undefined method `closed?' »