FOWA Notes: Commoditisation of IT and What the Future Holds - Simon Wardley

Commoditisation of IT and what the future holds Simon Wardley - Fotango Commoditisation Back in 1997, Spic girls, I was good looking, Labour were new and »

FOWA Notes: Fostering online communities - Tara hunt

Summary 1. What makes a community 2. Example of communities 3. Common community themes 4. Setting fertile ground for the growth of your community Characteristics of »

FOWA Notes: The changing face of online communities and communication - Edwin Aoki

Edwin Aoki - Chief Architect AOL Where it all began. - Commnuity was a a key promise of the web Webmail is the leading driver of »

FOWA Notes: The Magic formula - Mike Arrington

The future of startups and web companies The Magic formula Mike Arrington I'm scared of addressing brits due to TC uk, I want to say sorry »

Notes: Designing the Next Generation of Web Apps

The following are my panel notes from SXSW. As I am not the fastest typer I have paraphrased what was said. Should you notice any mistakes »