FOWA Notes: Crowd generated media - Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose: Crowd generated media Digg ecosystem Why should the crowd care? How do you get people to interact with your site? Creating incentives »

FOWA Notes: Spotlight Sessions

Spotlight Sessions. Stephen Sokols BT four trends driving shift in the telco industry. 1. Traditional industry lines being blurred. Skype VOIP etc. 2. P2P tech is »

FOWA Notes: "User" Rehab: A story of redemption - Bradley Horovitz

"User" Rehab: A story of redemption - Bradley Horovitz VP Advanced Development Division, Yahoo! Inc I grew up in Oakland. The word user has a different »

FOWA Notes: Lessons form Building The world's largest social Music platform -

Matthew Ogle and Anil-Bawa-Cavia MO: We connect people to music they love, event if they haven't heard it yet. How does it work? You »

FOWA Notes: Everything you need to know about Venture Capital - Ben Holmes

Ben Holmes - Index Ventures Pan Eurpoean venture fund 1.3bn Euros under managemnent Based in London and Geneva. Examples: Zend, Skype, MySQL, netvibes, moo, last. »