vim: automatically highlight long lines

This .vimrc snippet highlights lines when you exceed 77 columns - this is especially useful if you are trying to adhere to PEP8 with Python development. »

Bash: turn on case-insensitive tab completion

I always forget this one, but it's dead handy as it allows you to type "py" hit tab and it will auto complete for "Python" or »

Running VMware images under VirtualBox

I use the excellent VirtualBox on Ubuntu but I had a specific Debian dev environment VM that I'd previously run under VMware Fusion on my work »

Ubuntu: Turn off changing workspace with mouse wheel

I found the changing with the workspace with the mouse wheel really annoying. To disable it go to System → Preferences → CompizConfig (available if the compizconfig-settings-manager package »

Simple Switching of VirtualEnv Environments

If you're using Python for any kind of serious development virtualenv is highly recommended as a way to sandbox dependencies and allow you to run different »