One, Ten, Five?

Awooga! Meme alert. Robert kindly sent me this meme so I will do my best to answer to it, lets see if my memory serves.

One year ago

Exactly one year ago Sandra, Emma and I went to Harrisons Rocks for a walk. This time of year is so nice in the Kentish countryside, and we walked through the woods which were in full bloom with bluebells. Ahh!

Five Years ago

I would have been working for an audio visual company called Eclipse Presentations in Beckenham, and living with a bunch of my friends in camden road, Tunbridge Wells and this would have been shortly before they all left to go to Brighton. I was probably still at that point playing in the funk band, The Harry Monk Allstars. One day I will have to stick some tracks up here for download as that band was totally amazing. Ah screw it, here's a taster! Smack Your Thing, is an 8 minute track that has a nice latin twist to it towards the end (16.7mb). Oh and just for kicks here's a second track a cover of Also Sprach Zarathustra aka the theme to 2001 Space Odyssey albeit on a funky tip similar to Deodato's version. Do listen out for Matt Wellsted's amazing Rhodes break, Herbie Hancock would be proud of that! (10.7Mb). That certainly was a band I miss playing in. Music has always been important to me and as time's gone on many an opportunity was not taken advantage of, but still great memories of playing in that band.

Ten years back

Wow tens years ago, it's hard to think to back to then, that really is a trip back in time. I was probably living with my parents and being that I was 18 back then I would have been doing my A-levels. I was a bit of a rebel back then, totally in love with 60's and 70's music I hung out with all of the hippy types at College and it was around then that I had my first encounter with the Grateful Dead, who have been since then my favorite band. I was more interested in music than studying back then and I really didn't know (unlike now) what I wanted to do so I spent most of my time dissappearing off to play in my band which was a heavy rock trio. The bassist in this band played the bass with a distortion effect so it sounded like guitar and bass all at the same time. I haven't got any soundbites to link to but if I can get a copy of the old tape digitised that will be something I will do one day.

Cheers to Robert for reminding me of my past and to keep my end of the bargin I'll pass this meme on to Christian Heilmann, Tim Huegdon and Andy Hume.

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