From Rentokil to

Yesterday was my last day at Rentokil Initial. I've had a productive year and half there and I wish all of the rest of the team all the best for the future. Interestingly on my last day Clive sent round an email with a link to a BBC article about Nomensa's FTSE 100 report that criticised FTSE 100 websites for not doing enough to make their websites accessible. The good news is that Rentokil were listed as one of a number of companies whose website was "Ahead of their peers". This was a nice note on which to part company with Rentokil.

Last night a few of my work colleagues and a some of my friends got together for a Ruby at the Kirthon in Tunbridge Wells which was fantastic, great food, good company and a nice send-off. The chaps sorted me out with an Amazon voucher as a leaving present so I'll be sure to spend it wisely. Thanks everyone!

Tuesday will see me start at Multimap and I look forward to working with everyone there. Being up in London will also be great and I'm going to be heading over to Pub Standards on the Tuesday night after my first day at Multimap to meet up with some other London based web developers.

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