Ubuntu: Lock Screen and Pause Spotify

When I used a mac I had a shonky little applescript to pause iTunes when I locked the screen. These days I mostly listen to Spotify »

Ubuntu: Turn off changing workspace with mouse wheel

I found the changing with the workspace with the mouse wheel really annoying. To disable it go to System → Preferences → CompizConfig (available if the compizconfig-settings-manager package »

From OSX to Ubuntu

I've recently switched to using Ubuntu full-time as my primary operating system having previously used Macs for the last 4+ years. Moving over to ubuntu has »

Ubuntu: Mounting a TrueCrypt volume at startup or from the CLI

All you need is a mount point e.g: mkdir /media/ and then use the following: truecrypt /path/to/truecrypt/diskimage /media/. This is handy when »

Ubuntu: change editor globally

I found the update-alternatives on my travels and very handy it is too especially when on a bytemark box by default the editor is set to »