Moving to WordPress

Not so long ago I posted that I would be moving to TextPattern from my custom-made blogging system. As a result of that post there were a few interesting comments suggesting I take a look at all of the possibilities before I jumped into moving across to TextPattern. After some deeper consideration on which blogging tool would suit my needs, I have now started to move everything over to WordPress. The move is currently in progress and I hope that this will be the last post from my old system. Building the backend to this blog was great fun but now I need to spend more time writing quality content and developing this site.

As a result of the move expect this site to be a little quiet for the next week or two as I start to get the new WordPress equipped version on the road. At the same time as moving content across I will take the opportunity to make a few tweaks here and there and hopefully get everything sorted before SXSWi with some time to spare!

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