Minor CSS Reboot

Ever since the May 1st Reboot I've wanted to change quite a lot about my site. This version has seen those changes implemented.

Though at first it looks like not much has happened visually, quite a lot of changes have taken place in this revision. To make the most of the screen size I have used floated columns which drop down as the size of the screen is reduced. To make sure the columns do not drop under the primary content I have used a wrapper div with a left margin.

Big chunks of the mark-up were ripped out and replaced with more meaningful and semantic code, at the same time I also amended the styles for the posts and comments to lose the boxy feel I had created for the previous version. The result is a smoother combination of colours and fonts. Gravatar support has now been added too.

On the backend I have switched to funky caching. When a request is made for a page if it doesn't exist a custom 404 script looks in the database to see if it should exist. If a url matches in the database then the page is written out and displayed to the client at the same time. This means should I wish to change the templates all I have to is delete all of the archives.

The archives work in a similar way with custom scripts (instead of mod_rewrite) to provide results for urls based on category or date.

I have carried out a major revision of what used to be my projects pages and re-organised the content. I'm hoping to be able to spend more time providing quality in-depth content in the future to add to what's there already.

Please do get over to the CSS reboot site and check out the other amazing designs

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