Media Temple Grid Server

I've been following with interest the progress of Media Temple Grid Server, as I am certainly interested in a hosting supplier that can give some level of redundancy and thus provide a seamless continuity of service should specific servers experience a hardware failure.

Currently I'm on a dedicated server and the problem with that is that should the server experience some kind of major software or hardware failure then it's up to me to either fix it or restore it which is fine but you will have inevitable downtime.

As my server is up for renewal very soon I am wondering, should I try the Grid Server or look at the Virtual Dedicated service. The specs of the Grid server are obviously tempting, but since launch it would seem they've had a few problems with their service. I've noticed at least two blogs that are hosted on the Grid Server but have been unavailable due to MySQL problems.

The only other issue I have is that I am seriously evaluating Django and as yet there is no support for Django on the Grid Server, though hopefully at some point this would be added.

So what are your views, is the Grid Server too good to be true or the best thing to ever happen to web hosting?

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