It's going to be a boy!

scan of our baby

Last friday the missus, our daughter Emma and I went to the local hospital for Sandra's 20 week scan. As before when we were expecting Emma, we asked if they could tell us the sex of our unborn child and it turned out to be pretty clear that it's a boy!

We're really happy and it's great to be able to experience bringing up a son as well as a daughter. We would have been happy if it was going to be another daughter as Emma's been no trouble at all, but then I'm biased, I'm her dad.

Emma enjoyed seeing her brother on the "tv" and is looking forward to meeting him. She asked "Is he wearing any socks?", we laughed and then Sandra explained; "No Darling he's all nudey in there", to which Emma replied, "What he's not got a shirt?".

Having children is great, I highly recommend it.

View the flickr set of the scan here.

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