FOWA Notes: The Future of the the Browser - Chris Wilson

The Future of the the Browser

Chris Wilson

Started in 1993 with NCSA Mosaic

Worked on every version of MSIE since version 2.0

What the heck happened in 2001?

Little adoption of rich web platform Hard to build rich, sexy apps/content Outlook web access biggest application. Why we built XHR Dot com bubble burst

Experiments with Web OS and other super-rich apps failed.

Hacking became lucrative.

2002 security push Win XPSP2 - bit more than a service pack in my opinion.

We were very security focussed in this time.

With all this it seemed like MS was AWOL from the web

2005 Ajax gets a name.

In a lot of ways it was invented in 1998

Simple dev pattern - fetch and update

Realisation/innovation on top of web 1.0 need to care about web UI

Rebirth of the semantic web

RSS Microformats and tagging add more meaning to HTML

Other Browsers arise

Microsoft does work best with competition.

Oct 18th 2006 - MS ships IE7

Amazing User Experience.

Secure and trustworthy browsing

Web developer platform

Amazing User Experience.

Tabs Extensible search via OpenSearch Great default print experience Page zoom

integrated RSS platform

Average people don't know what RSS is Feed discovery and default feed view common platform

Secure and trustworthy browsing

Job #1

Protection against web fraud integrated anti-phishing service User experience highlights security (EV, address bar)

Putting the user in control Add-on manager from XPSP2 we warn of insecure settings Explicit user consent is required on first run of ActiveX

Advance malware protection on Win Vista Protected mode eliminates silent install of code.

Powerful Web developer platform

We focussed on web developers we fixed over 200 CSS and layout bugs on IE7

Fixed inconsistencies with W3C specs :hover on all elements Can overlap select

Other heavily requested features

Alpha channel in png Native XHR

Improved performance for js

Improved standards support will mean that pages will break.

Don't break the web

Compatibility is critical adoption/deployment factor must balance compliance with site compatibility

Quirksmode stays the same. Alot of the standards changes only happen in standards mode.

Unfortunately standards mode is increasingly popular, and developers expect behaviour not to change.

IE7 readines toolkit - check IE blog for details.

Multiple IE versions on one machine

Not technically possible. There are hacks but they're fragile and incomplete.

Free VPC image with Win XPSP2 and IE6.

Visual web developer Express, debugging validation.

Microsoft Expression Web,

A tool to build standards-based sites Passionate about standards.

Browser based Schemas tell you if a certain feature is not supported. AJAX

Client-side JS framework Offer ajax in a model familiar to ASP programmers

Introducing WPF/E

Vector imaging X-browser X-platform

Similar to WPF but different

XAML subset

WPF/E is cross platform

The future of IE's engine.

We strongly believe in HTML/CSS/JS Lots to do in web developer platform, standards standards standards. Continue to innovate. Adding new paradigms as they evolve. Security is always job #1

Don't break the web is our team's slogan.

Evolution not a revolution.