FOWA Notes: The Future of Mobile Web Apps - Daniel Appelquist

Vodafone's work in standards.

Leader of development of open standards Key player in development of GSM and 3G Proponent of open standards on the web Working to develop a standard for rich mobile UI

Do users want the web on their mobiles?

.. (show of hands)

Yes people do want to use the mobile web

Penetration of mobile phones is quite strong. More web enabled phones than pcs.

People looking up aubergine recipes. A user uses the mobile web to find parts for trashed ferraris.

W3C Mobile web initiative.

Workshop to decide whether to start something inside of the W3c around mobile.

Need for best practices. Need for good device descriptions, good info on the server side as to the capabilities of the client.

Device descriptions working group

Best Practivce detail:

Design for one web Rely on web standards stay away from known hazards Be cautious of device limitations limited bandwidth cookies small screen optimise navigation for small scren Check graphics and colours Keep it small bandwidth Use the network sparingly Help and guide user input form features Think of users on the go IA will be different from someone sitting at their desk

Thematic consistency Same content different context per device

Valid markup

Use stylesheets for presentation unless you know they're not supported.

Don't rely on cookies Don't rely on embedded objects or scripts.

.mobi is a TLD to denote a mobile friendly site. .mobi has put a lot of effort into best practices/standards.

Mobile 2.0

Transition of mobile apps to an internet model. Mobile web and connected applications User Choice leveraging open standards more interactive mobile apps running in the browser

Mobile 2.0 1 day event run NOv 2006

Bundesliga - an app launched recently

has embedded video, football scores.

Scalable UI using SVGT

SVG almost a dirty word on the web. But great for mobile. There's no reason why this same app couldn't work in a normal browser with a plugin.

The vision is instead of an app this is something that could be manifested within the mobile browser.


Works within Opera Opera is probably the most progressive mobile browser manufacturer. Slide show within the browser. Allows you to access the data on your desktop. Via the web. Mobile Ajax makes it work. Engineers worked closely with opera.

The Future.

SVG based apps become fully integrated into the browser context. ...


"wicked" SVG xHTML CSS DOM User agent behaviour Baseline for rich media web app development on the mobile platform.

New W3C standards

Web APIs working group

Web apps Formats working group

Mobile Widgets

iPhone Widget displays very targetted information.

opera widgets Yahoo! widgets Apple dashboard MS gadgets


XML binding language Better separation of content and behaviour

Mobile Ajax Workshop

Joint workshop between w3c and Open Ajax Alliance focus on AJax ddev on the mobile platform Date Early June.


Vodafone R&D dev community

Place for early adopters

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