FOWA Notes: Commoditisation of IT and What the Future Holds - Simon Wardley

Commoditisation of IT and what the future holds
Simon Wardley - Fotango


Back in 1997, Spic girls, I was good looking, Labour were new and exciting.

I was working in the financial sector.

yesterdays hotstuff -> Today's boredom

Photo of prime minister + Turkey

1890's - Electricity was hot stuff
1930 - National Grid

Rare thing -> Ubiquitous Distributed

Cost of doing business

Early 90's Web devs were hot stuff earning oodles of cash

New thing -> leading edge -> standard products -> utility service

Constant move to commoditisation


Web 2.0 implies old hat web 1.0
companies want new exciting stuff

Editor: Here starts the commercial

operating environments - there's no advantage in having your building your infrastructure every time.

Yak shaving - It doesn't make sense to do these repetive tasks

Zimki: JavaScript front-end and backend.
Pay for what you use

Back to electricity, balance supply and demand.

In summary commoditisation is a growing trend. There are several different environments. If you want to build a web-app without headaches of configurations and you want to pay for what you need, and cheap as chips. Come and talk to use

Our Yaks come pre-shaved.

Editor: Here endeth the commercial

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